Equine Faecal Test Kit (UK) for whole genome sequence

Equine Faecal Test Kit (UK) for whole genome sequence


Please read the information carefully through until the end, there are important details on results and testing methods. 


The Equibiome Faecal Test uses state of the art technology to  count and identify the  complex diverse community within the horses hind gut. Problems within the gastro intestinal tract of horses are common, ulcers in the foregut are treated based on symptoms and endoscopy though no such information or diagnostic tool exists for the hind gut. The information from the Equibiome test will help the horse owner to identify imbalances and manage the diet to suit the gut community. Between 500-1,200 bacterium are identified, including the good the bad and the ugly (verrucomicrobia). Allowing the horse owner to make better descisions to promote and prolong health.   

DNA extraction and analysis is complex please allow 8-10 weeks from the time we receive your sample to receipt of results by email. 



Important note.

We haven't been including the Bartonella or other pathogens in any results since last December, the reason being that Lyme is a serious and debilitating disease and deserves the upmost accuracy in the detection methods, we chose to withdraw this from the test results until we were certain that we were using the best methods possible. Following consultation with our geneticist we were able to ascertain that for accuracy a deeper and longer reading was required, due to the similarities between bartonella and other spirochaetes, we are now following the protocol set out by the health authority for the detection of bartonella in the biome, the extra cost for this part of the test is because our own costs have increased.


Please also ensure the correct postage is attached to the returning kit, UN legislation does not allow us to include a prepaid envelope. Incorrect postage can cause long delays. 


When buying multiple tests, please keep a list of the horses linked to the number of the testube, we can only number the test tube and log them in against the owner. 

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