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About EquiBiome

Equibiome is the first equine dedicated laboratory service, using the latest MiSeq NGS technology to produce a snapshot of the internal microbial community.


The data produced provides valuable insight into the diet, metabolism and energy production which together contribute to the health and performance of the horse.  

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So what's going on?

The equine intestinal tract houses an incredibly complex and diverse microbial population, producing energy for the horse . The microbes directly influence good health and performance.

Including temperament, energy levels, nutrient availability and vitamin production. Your horse is what he eats and the success of the diet depends first of all on knowing what is going on in the gut!  

EquiBiome test results

The rRNA extraction process is technically challenging and lengthy. Trillions of bacteria are sequenced and interpreted to give you  an accurate and real time picture of your horse's biome. 


We aim to get the results to you as soon as possible,  but please  allow  8-10 weeks from the time we receive the sample to the return of your results .

The EquiBiome Report

The Equibiome Report uses the 16S rRNA Gene  to produce an accurate  interpretation of the  microbes  within the hind gut. The report is a powerful analytical tool, it is not intended to diagnose any disease.  Please consult your vet if your horse is experiencing any symptoms relating to  gastric discomfort. 

A simple faecal test will provide information on the numbers of  'good' bacteria and other members of the microbial community,  including archaea, fungi and the protozoa.
A balance of all members of the microbiome is crucial for optimum health and performance. 
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