Revolutionary New EquiBiome Prebiotic To Launch at BETA International Following a Decade of Research

EquiBiome is heading to BETA International 2020 to introduce the industry to their revolutionary new prebiotic (stand J7.9). 

The EquiBiome Prebiotic is ‘restoring gut diversity through gene technology’ as a result of more than ten years of research which analysed the community of bacteria within hundreds of horses, both wild and domesticated, using the latest next- generation sequencing technology.

This research enabled the development of the EquiBiome Prebiotic that has been formulated with species specific scientific accuracy to help the horse to stabilise the gut, increase biodiversity and produce more good gut bacteria. This is crucial for the health and performance of all horses as many diseases are linked to a disrupted hind gut with high levels of bad bacteria. 

The lead researcher behind the new EquiBiome Prebiotic, Carol Hughes, said: “The EquiBiome Prebiotic feeds the gut bacteria already living in the biome of your horse and provides the right environment for them to thrive.

“Feeding what’s already in there is better than trying to repopulate the gut by feeding a probiotic because the horse’s microbial community is vastly complex having up to 1,500 species, the probiotic would be lost among so many commensal species. 

“There are hundreds of gastric support supplements on the market, plus a wide range of pre and probiotic products, but only the EquiBiome Prebiotic has been tested on the biome using gene technology. We believe this fact alone makes our product more accurate and effective.

“We are really looking forward to attending BETA International to share our research findings with the industry and explain how EquiBiome is improving both the health and performance of horses worldwide.” 

The EquiBiome Prebiotic is packaged in a fully recyclable 220g paper pouch which lasts for six weeks and is complete with a biodegradable wooden measuring spoon.

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