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EquiBiome Blog

Welcome to the EquiBiome blog, where we take a deep dive into equine gut health and the role of the microbiome. We don’t just cover the basics here; we offer our latest insights, research and evidence around the role of hind gut bacteria in equine digestion, disease, health and behaviour.


Horse gut health, feeding and nutrition can be complex topics as there is just so much going on inside the horse’s gut. However, we at EquiBiome are committed to improving our understanding of the role of the hind gut bacteria and want to bring our knowledge to the everyday horse owner.


Our blog covers a wide range of topics, including feeding, horse management, equine obesity, EMS and so much more. We also cover how to use our EquiBiome test kits, and explain how to read and interpret the EquiBiome Report.


At EquiBiome, our mission is to empower horse owners by helping them to better understand where the microbiome fits into the horse’s overall health, and how they can support a healthy microbiome in their horse. 

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