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Dog and Cat Faecal Analysis Kit to Detect Gut Imbalance


The Petbiome Faecal Test uses state of the art technology to  count and identify the  complex diverse community within the cat and dog gastrointestinal tract.


Dysbiosis and “leaky gut,” are bacterial imbalances that cause inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, allowing toxins and pathogens to enter the bloodstream and effect the liver and other organs.  Common causes are antibiotic overuse, vaccines, highly processed diets and stress. Symptoms include gas, bloating, diarrhea and bad breath with links to other illnesses including cancer.


Every case of dysbiosis is individual to each animal and requires an individual and personalised approach, the NGS test result produces a real time snapshot of the whole complex biome, allowing the owner to make the relevant dietary adjustments needed to restore health. Please allow 8-10 weeks from the receipt of the faecal sample at Petbiome to delivery of the results by email.


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Dog and Cat Faecal Analysis Kit to Detect Gut Imbalance

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