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Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) Gut Dysbiosis Test


Please read the information carefully through until the end, there are important details on results and testing methods. 


The Equibiome Faecal Test uses state-of-the-art gene technology to identify the complex and diverse community within the horse's hindgut. Problems within the gastrointestinal tract of horses are common, ulcers in the foregut are treated based on symptoms and endoscopy though no such information or diagnostic tool exists for the hindgut.


 The information from the Equibiome test will help the horse owner to identify imbalances and manage the diet to suit the gut community. Between 500-1,200 bacterium are identified, and the data is organised into an easy-to-read report format, allowing the horse owner to make better decisions to promote and prolong health.   

Horses with EMS have a different microbial population to those that are healthy, watch the video to find out more and the blog posts The Diet and Horses with EMSThe Gut and Metabolic Syndrome, Equine Obesity and the Loss of Biodiversity 



rRNA extraction and analysis is complex please allow 8-10 weeks from the time we receive your sample to receipt of results by email. 


Please also ensure the correct postage is attached to the returning kit, UN legislation does not allow us to include a prepaid envelope. Incorrect postage can cause long delays. 


When buying multiple tests, please keep a list of the horses linked to the number of the testube, we can only number the test tube and log them in against the owner. 


N.B. Images showing packaging are for illustrative purposes only



The EquiBiome Analysis Kit contains 4 products to be incorporated together for the management of EMS. 


Product 1. Faecal Collection Kit


A full genomic sequencing of the microbial population of the hind gut of the horse gives information relating to imbalances within the biome  which contribute to EMS. Super nutrient extracting bacteria can make a horse prone to weight gain, horses affected in this way seem to live on fresh air and any access to grass can create cause sensitivity in the feet or gastrontestinal tract.

The 30 page report gives indepth information relating to energy metabolism, gut wall integrity, inflammation, dietary imbalances that contribute to the syndrome of EMS.

You will be sent an easy to use rRNA faecal sample kit, instructions for collection are on the website and will be sent  together with the kit.


Product 2. EMS Biome Food 1


Horses with EMS have a high BCS or 'cresty' neck score, whilst the faecal sample is being analysed you will be sent a prebiotic supplement to help reduce the fat deposits, which at the same time will have the effect of lowering inflammation, please read on below.  


The answer to excessive fat and raised insulin/glucose levels is to control the horse’s food intake and increase exercise but it can be difficult to shift the abnormal fat pads on the neck, shoulders and around the tail and difficult also to reduce insulin levels. The reason for this is that the adipose tissue is a separate organ and part of the endocrinopathic (hormone) system. Whilst this tissue exists it will continue to transmit information to the body concerning weight gain, energy levels and appetite, it will also predispose towards ill health and disease. Adding a natural dietary compound to support normal insulin/glucose and help diminish adipose tissue whilst reducing the super nutrient extracting gut bacteria will help to restore normal health.  


The compound in EMS Biome Food 1 has a long history of research in human and animal health and has several medicinal patents for use in weight control and diabetes in humans. 

Give 1 x 2.5 ml scoop daily, morphometric measurements are recommended to help record the loss of fat pads, please contact us if you need help.  


 Product 3. EMS Biome Food 2


This will be sent out together with the test kit and EMS Biome food 1.  This product contains concentrated levels of antioxidants to mop up the free radical damage associated with damage to the gut and feet of horses with EMS. Feed at the same time as the EMS Biome Food 1. 1 x 2.5ml scoop daily.   


Product 4. One to one session with the team at EquiBiome


Management of horses/ponies with EMS varies enourmously between individuals, diet is a very complex topic, talking this through with experts in the management of diet and the microbiome will help to make sense of some of the issues common to EMS. Please book your phone call through the web site currently only available on Wednesday's if you need another day please email us.       


N.B. Images showing packaging are for illustrative purposes only


Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) Gut Dysbiosis Test

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