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Pack of Polyphenols for Horses with Laminitis


Horses with laminitis caused by excessive intake of grass (fructans and starch) or cereal (starch) have a different gut microbial profile to healthy horses. The changes in the microbial community are thought to occur due to large amounts of undigested material overflowing from the small intestine into the hindgut. Once they arrive in the caecum they are rapidly digested causing a 'bloom' in bacteria that produce lactic acid and secondary metabolites, once these have been absorbed into the bloodstream from the gut they cause damage to the hoof (Tuniyazi et al., 2021).    


Restoring and rebalancing the microbiome prevents the continued production of damaging chemicals.


A Pack of Polyphenols contains a cocktail of plant secondary nutrients that help reduce the bacteria described by Tuniyazi et al. (2021) whilst feeding the good gut bacteria.


Tuniyazi, M., He, J., Guo, J., Li, S., Zhang, N., Hu, X., & Fu, Y. (2021). Changes of microbial and metabolome of the equine hindgut during oligofructose-induced laminitis. BMC veterinary research, 17(1), 1-13.



This product is for horses with acute and chronic laminitis associated with gastric disturbance/dysbiosis, this product is not intended to replace veterinary advice nor cure any ailment, it is intended to restore balance to the microbial population. Please consider taking the EquiBiome Test if the condition continues and email us for advice.        

250 g  2 x 10mls scoop daily

Pack of Polyphenols for Horses with Laminitis

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