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This product contains over 250 antioxidants and 24 prebiotics, it is made from natural ingredients and provides the food for the good bacteria within the hind gut of the horse.

  • The ingredients in this product will be selectively fermented by the microbial population of the hind gut.
  • Formulated to target and stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria, supporting the health and vitality of the horse.
  • The horse has several species of bifidobacteria (good gut bacteria), they ferment to produce a type of short chain fatty acid known to have multiple health benefits, Biome Food 7 feeds and maintains all bifidobacteria species.

Biome Food 7 EMS contains ingredients to help reduce the gut bacteria associated with metabolic imbalances. 

Ingredients: Arabinogalactan, Arabinoxylan, Beta Glucan, Flavonoids, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Polyphenols, Inulin, D-glucopyranosyl and Quercetin,  for full list of ingredients please see your Equibiome Report.


Feed 2x 10ml scoop daily (14g).


Do not feed without following the information and dietary advice given in after taking the EquiBiome EMS Analysis and Management test.




N.B. Images showing packaging are for illustrative purposes only

Biome Food 7 EMS

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     The buyer is responsible for paying customs duties on receipt of the package. If parcels are stuck in the customs of the receiving country we cannot issue a refund.

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