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How Does Equibiome Work?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

If you are considering ordering one of our EquiBiome test kits, it is helpful to understand how we work. This guide outlines how the Equibiome test kits work and takes you through the process of ordering your equine faecal test kit, collecting the sample and receiving your results.

How EquiBiome Works

Our EquiBiome test kits are there for horse owners who want to gain a better understanding of their horse’s internal microbial community. We use MiSeq NGS technology to gain information about the levels of different types of bacteria, archaea, fungi and protozoa in the horse’s hind gut. EquiBiome test kits are straightforward for horse owners to use, with a five-step process to receiving your results.

Order Your EquiBiome Test Kit Online

Start by ordering your EquiBiome test kit online. We can cater for customers in the UK and outside the UK. However, if you are outside of the UK you must order an international test kit. Our international test kits are IATA and UN compliant. EquiBiome test kits are suitable for all types of horse, pony, donkey or mule.

Once your test kit arrives, it is time to collect the sample. The next section outlines sample collection for our equine faecal test kits and our soil genome sequencing test kits.

Collecting a Sample for our Equine Faecal Test Kits

All of our test kits come with detailed instructions on how to collect the required sample, so we recommend reading them in full when your test kit arrives. In the meantime, you can find basic instructions below:

  1. Wash your hands and use the sterile gloves to avoid contamination of the sample

  2. Ensure the sample is fresh and uncontaminated with straw, shavings or grass

  3. Use the sterile tweezers to collect the sample. We only require a very small sample of faeces, and less is usually better than more

  4. Place the sample in the tube and close the lid. The sample must be covered completely by the liquid. The liquid acts as a preservative and prevents the sample from drying out. Should the sample dry out, this could prevent the testing process from working properly.

  5. Place the tube into the padded envelope

Always wash your hands after collecting samples. We usually recommend collecting the sample before you worm your horse, rather than after.

If you are purchasing test kits for multiple horses, please keep your own record of the number of the test tube against the name of each horse. We can only number a test tube and log that number against the name of the owner.

Collect a Sample for our Soil Genomic Sequencing Test

To collect a sample for our soil genomic sequencing test kit:

  1. Collect the sample 3 metres away from any trees or hedges

  2. Collect the sample at a depth of 2-4 centimetres

  3. Use the sterile tweezers to remove any stones, roots or clods

  4. We will require a sample size of approximately 0.5cm x 1cm

  5. Place the sample in the tube and shake gently to ensure the sample is covered by the reagent

Just like our other test kits, our soil genomic sequencing test kit comes with full detailed instructions.

Post the Sample Back to Us

Please place a large letter stamp on the envelope and post it back to us. We cannot include return postage in our test kits for regulatory reasons. If you want to be sure that the sample has been delivered, it is advisable to purchase tracked and / or signed for postage.

The Lab Receives the Sample

Once we have received the sample, we will send you an email. Then, we will send the sample off to the lab for analysis. Once the analysis is complete, we will email the results to you. Currently, turnaround time is around 8-10 weeks. You can find out more about the EquiBiome Report on our Gut Health Management page and our blog article on Explaining Biodiversity in the Equine Microbiome Using the Shannon Index Score.

Connect With Us

Once you have received your horse’s results, please feel free to join our Facebook group, Equibiome Lounge, for friendly support from others who have used the EquiBiome test.

About EquiBiome

Equibiome is made up of a team of biochemists, equine microbiologists and geneticists. Our aim is to help horse owners better understand their horse’s hind gut health and take the guesswork out of what and how to feed their horse. The Equibiome test produces accurate and relevant data, which can be used to gain insights and detect imbalances in the equine microbiome. Order your Equibiome test kit today via our online shop.

Our products are not designed to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

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